Top 10 Facts About Tennis


STARNBERG, August 29, 2022 (Guest Post)

Tennis is considered to be one of the most popular sports in the world. Its foundation date is the end of the nineteenth century. Since then, tennis has become more and more popular. It can now be found in movies, games or casinos, such as the £2 deposit casino. Earlier for this game only hands were used – there were no rackets at all. According to some scholars, the game appeared in Rome, Greece and Egypt. Others argue that back in the Stone Age there was something similar to tennis.

The modern game format originated in England, as did many sports. And it is a direct path not only to physical perfection, but also a significant change of one’s inner world. This unique variety is of interest to many, and today on the courts you can meet not only professionals, but also children. Moreover, it is also played by the elderly – everyone can become a real tennis player.

Top 10 facts from the tennis world


The homeland of the first game is considered to be ancient Greece. However, at that time it was remotely similar to tennis. For example, the lack of racquets have not stopped the game – were used sticks. If the latter were absent, it was just played with the hands. In Italy, in the twelfth century, the ball was beaten with a mitten belt or a small shield. As the material for the latter was used wood, and for the belt – the leather.

About tennis as a religious rite

Such a custom originated first in ancient Egypt, and then moved to Spain. The monks of the latter country fought to keep it from leaving the monastery walls. There was even an attempt to ban the game, but after four centuries it still escaped from the sacred world.

A game for the nobility

The English and French royal families loved to play tennis. For example, Henry the Second played the best game in France, and Louis the Fourteenth had a private court. In general, tennis was considered a game for noblemen.

Broken rackets

Not every sportsman, as it seemed, can be distinguished by a careful attitude towards tennis equipment. For example, Marat Safin broke more than seven hundred rackets during his playing career.

The tennis ball used to be

It was originally made of wood, but over time it began to be made of leather. Dried animal intestines or wool were used as the filling. A blow with such an implement could cause serious injury or death.

Speed serves

Speed in this game has a separate role. Among the fair sex, Venus Williams has the best fast serve – two hundred and five kilometers per hour. Among men, Ivo Karlovic achieved a record of two hundred and fifty one kilometers per hour.

The color of the ball

About fifty years ago, people played with white balls. Today they use yellow ones more often. You’re probably wondering why the color has changed? Simple – scientists have found that the yellow shade is better perceived by the jury and all who watch the tournament.

A Unique Personality

Renee Richards is the only girl who has competed in both the men’s and women’s events. Why? Because she switched genders.

Famous polo shirts

From the beginning, such clothes could only be seen on tennis players, such as Rene Lacoste. He won Grand Slam tournaments. After a while, in 1927, Rene put an image of a crocodile on his shirt. That’s how the Lacoste brand appeared, which is quite popular today.


We are talking about Anna Kournikova, who in all the years of her tennis career failed to win at least one serious tournament, if we consider singles. “AK” is her nickname for poker players. All because she is beautiful, but rarely wins.

There are a lot of interesting facts about big tennis, which you now also know about. This kind of sport can leave few people indifferent. Having played it, you will feel excitement and desire to win.