Betting On Tennis: ‘How-To’ Guide


STARNBERG, August 30, 2022 (Service)

Tennis lovers wishing to enjoy the full experience will place bets. Some will try to predict the winner of the tournament, while others will focus on a specific match. Either way, betting adds excitement to the sport-watching experience. This post shares the different types of tennis betting, so make sure to go through them all.

Outright bet

The outright tennis bet is simple and doesn’t take much to understand. Therefore, it would be ideal for the ones just starting to bet and wishing to grasp it. Beginners can use the available promotions, such as the bonuses to get started. To start, you can bet with bet365 bonus code in Canada and test your betting skills.

This bet includes choosing the outright winner of a specific tennis event. For example, you can choose which tennis player will win Wimbledon. Or, you can bet on the team that will conquer the English Premier League. No matter how early you place a bet, you will see the outcome when the event comes to an end.

When placing an outright bet, there are a few things to consider. The draw would be significant in determining whether you can qualify for a win. Also, you need to consider the player’s or team’s past performance to predict how they will rank. Also, it would be best if you considered their personal motivation as well as physical condition. The big names in tennis won’t waste their energy on smaller tournaments, so this is one thing to keep in mind.

Match betting

Tennis match betting allows you to pick a winner in a one-on-one battle. You can check the recent results and stats to understand how players perform in matches. It is important to note that players will have unique playing styles. The ones that serve good have an advantage. 

Handicap betting

Handicap betting is also referred to as point spread. It means you will bet on the favorite and underdog margin. The individual player is given a margin of points that they need to achieve. When a player has -5.5, your bet is a winning one if they win six matches. The Grand Slams are an ideal example of when big names take weaker opponents in a match. 

Total games in a match

With so many betting options, you can always choose the right type to match your skill level. Predicting the total games includes the total score in a match, regardless of which player achieved it. Prominent tennis players can achieve a high scores and even outperform their opponent.

Correct score

The correct score betting applies to individual sets or games. You can predict the score for each player for the sets. This principle can also be applied to the sets won in a match. 

Final thoughts

With many tennis tournaments available, this sport is quite interesting for bettors. This post presents you with the possibilities when it comes to tennis betting. Now you can choose the best match for your skill level.