The 8 Largest Tennis Competitions In The World


STARNBERG, August 30, 2022 (Guest post)

Tennis is an amazing sport, it is a favorite among many players and among Betting on tennis, according to statistics, occupies a leading position. It is for tennis tournaments that fans buy a lot of tickets and fill entire stadiums with themselves. Tennis is on par with football in its popularity. Many thousands of people gather at the most professional and high levels. They watch the competitions of the best players from all over the world, how the fate of the tournament and the great matches are decided live.

The pandemic disrupted the stability of the seasons and 2020 had to be postponed, but now all major competitions can easily take place on the specified dates.

You should familiarize yourself with which tournaments you need to visit at least once in your life. That’s why, below you will find a full list of 8 competitions that are definitely worthy of the attention of every tennis fan.


It is this major tournament that is included in the 4 Grand Slam tournaments and attracts the most attention. It does not lose its relevance and popularity, it remains a favorite among other tournaments, both among fans and ardent fans, and among professional tennis players.

The history of this tournament dates back to the distant 1877s, when it was held on huge lawns outside London, at the England Club. It is in this tournament that you will meet a completely snow-white dress code, celebrity performances and strawberries with cream.

US Open Championship

It is a legacy of tennis’ oldest championship, the U.S. National Championships, which was first held back in 1881. It was a competition among men in singles, as well as doubles.

The US Open is a big event for fans, it starts with live music, and then fans have constant access to stalls with delicious food, various bars and other entertainment. Many tourists consider this championship to be an honor and come to it from all corners of our world.

Australian Open

This championship has an interesting nickname Happy Slam, it is a favorite for the best players from all over the world. All this is not only thanks to the beaches of Melbourne and sushi rolls. All because it was at this championship that our world saw some of the best and most exciting matches. Considering, including Novak Djokovic, who is the best and it was he who won as many as 7 titles of this Australian championship.

Nowadays, the Melbourne Park area is a real home for the Australian Open. But true fans know that it wasn’t always like that. Throughout its history, which is 114 years, the tournament has been held in many other places. It’s either Sydney or Brisbane. Adelaide, Perth can also be included there. Do not forget about Zealand and of course New York. 

French Open

The most terrible tournaments among the players, this is it. Roland Garros, as this tournament is also called, is the only one of the Grand Slam on clay courts. This coverage significantly slows down, makes passing matches difficult and exhausting. Many legends failed to win this tournament. And the well-known Roger Federer has only one victory on the tennis courts.

Summer Olympic Games, Tennis Tournament

The audience at the Summer Games among the sporting tournaments enjoys many other events. Once, in 1924, tennis was excluded from the Summer Games, but later it was returned, in 1988. The tournament runs for 9 days and involves a hard struggle between professional players.They are vying for national pride.

Davis Cup

Initially, this cup began its existence as a men’s tournament, where a competition was held between the USA and Great Britain. During this period of time, The Davis Cup has become the world’s largest ever international team tournament, and is held every year. The tournament started in 1900 and the men representing Great Britain won the trophy 10. And the last time Andy Murray, in 2015, brought the trophy home, which had been waiting for 79 years. This tournament is a biased action, flags are woven on it and the home team is loudly applauded. Of course, this creates a tense and intimidating atmosphere. However, this experience is unique in sports.

ATP Finals

The second-largest tennis tournament, right after several Grand Slam tournaments. Here, players compete to get the coveted title at the very end of the year. The tournament is held in more than 15 different cities in different parts of the world. For the last 12 years, tournaments have been held in London, and this year the whole action is moving to Turin. This means the end of an era. And not only for London itself, but also for professional tennis, since this step coincides with the fact that I plan to retire juggernauts that have dominated since 2004, such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray.

BNP Paribas

In addition to the Grand Slam tournaments, this BNP Paribas event, together with the tour finals at the very end of the year, is one of the biggest events. The tournament is held in California, and therefore it is called “tennis paradise”. Every year, the tournament gathers more than 400,000 fans to enjoy all the events that the tournament and California itself can offer. As a fan, restorns, world-class golf for your own variety, as well as tourism, resorts and much more are waiting for you.