What Are The Most Famous Tennis Tournaments of All Time?


STARNBERG, September 8, 2022 (Guest Post)

Tennis has existed for centuries, and its popularity continues to increase as the years advance. Thousands of fans and spectators convene to revel in top tennis competitions annually. You can always expect an incredible atmosphere at leading global tennis tournament events.

These events sell out some of the hottest sports tickets. Fans get the chance to see the crème de la crème of tennis go head-to-head on the biggest world stages. Tennis diehards also get the opportunity to place their wagers on their players on reputable sports betting sites or just play tennis-themed games at online casinos like Sloto Cash and possibly win some real cash while waiting for the matches to start.

Apart from the intense tennis action, each major tennis tournament has its unique tradition and history. If you are new to tennis or don’t know about the biggest games, here are the most prominent tournaments.

  1. Wimbledon

Wimbledon is one of the four biggest tennis tournaments, often ranking third in popularity. The Wimbledon tennis tournament is one out of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments. This event has been running since 1877, traditionally in Wimbledon UK’s Croquet Club and All England Lawn Tennis. The main events are held from late June to early July.

The British Lawn Tennis Association organizes the Wimbledon event. Something unique to Wimbledon is that out of the four Grand Slam Tournaments, it is the only one played on grass courts since 1988.

The total money prize for Wimbledon is £25 million+. The tournament’s draws are broadcasted every year by 80 television broadcasters, and over 3,000 TV, newspaper, and radio photographers and journalists participate in its coverage. It attracts millions of global viewers, with spectators placing millions of pounds in bets throughout this entire period.

Its traditional colors are purple and green. However, Wimbledon tennis uniforms are supposed to be entirely white. The children throwing the balls, linesmen, and tower judges have unique uniforms, which Polo Ralph Lauren has designed since the 21st century.

Over the years, the Wimbledon tournaments have received comprehensive coverage, with accomplished writers like David Foster Wallace, Martin Amis, and Michael Mushaw featuring it in their books.

  1. Australian Open

The Australian Open is another of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments, and it is held annually in Melbourne, Australia. All competitions are held on the Melbourne Park courts. The main tournament events traditionally take place in late January to early February, for two weeks. It reveals the winners in nine different categories, 4 for senior juniors and 5 for seniors.

Tennis Australia organizes the Australian Open, first held in 1905 in Melbourne under the name Australasian Championship. The winner of the men’s tournament gets the Norman Brooks Cup, named after Norman Brooks, a famous Australian tennis player.

On the other hand, the winner of the women’s tournament gets the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup, named after Daphne Akhurst, a famous Australian tennis player.

  1. US Open

One of the most prestigious tennis events is the US Open Championship. It is the third on this list out of the four Grand Slam events. The US Opens are held on National Tennis Center courts in New York between late summer and early autumn. Like in the Australian Open, the tournament determines nine categories, 4 for senior juniors and 5 for adults.

The United States Tennis Tournament organizes the US Opens. The first ever tournament was held in August 1881 and was called the US National Men’s Singles Championship. It took place in Newport only in the men’s singles category.

Currently, the tournament’s main court is the Arthur Ash Stadium, named after Arthur Ash, an accomplished American player. Ash won his first tennis tournament in 1968. Besides the main court, other competitions are held on three separate courts with spectator stands and 13 without.

  1. French Open

The French Open is one of the most prestigious tournaments. It is also called Roland Garros. It is one of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments held on Paris’s Roland Garros tennis complex courts.

The main competitions in the French Open are held over the late spring and early May for two weeks. Like two others on this list, it picks out winners in 9 categories, 4 for senior juniors and 5 for seniors. The French Opens are organized by the French Tennis Federation.

Initially, it was held as a single-day national championship, and the first tournament occurred in 1891. During Roland Garros, all spectators can watch the matches free of charge. A massive screen is mounted at the square that’s in from of the Paris City Hall. All games are broadcasted live.

  1. Madrid Masters

The Madrid tournament is another popular tournament. It is also one of the most grueling, even for the red clay standards. The top men’s tennis players Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic have consistently performed well over the years.

The temporary blue clay change was challenging for most players. The Madrid Masters is among the most demanding of all ATP1000 clay events. For instance, in 2010, the Djokovic-Nadal semifinal was a three-setter, a lengthy tournament at the time.


Tennis is an exciting sport beloved by millions worldwide. These are 5 of the most famous events, and others include the Monte-Carlo Open and Miami Open.