Highest Paying Tennis Tournaments Around The World


STARNBERG, September 11, 2022

Tennis is usually referred to as the “sports of the kings” for a good reason. The game not only attracts royalty in the crowd, but it also offers lucrative rewards. However, the sport has also become increasingly popular among sports-wagering fans as many top online betting platforms feature tennis events. Apart from sports betting, online platforms like Joe Fortune also offer virtual sports and games, giving players a unique experience. In the meantime, different tennis tournaments offer different rewards to the winners. Let’s dig in to discover the highest-paying tennis tournaments globally.

US Open

US Open Prize Money $57,462,000
Winners $2,500,000
Runner-Up $1,250,000
Semi-Finale $675,000
Quarter-Finale $425,000
First Round $75,000


The US Open was not the tennis Grand Slam offering the highest prize money. However, in 2021, it increased its rewards significantly, making it the highest prize money in the tournament’s history.

It is usually the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year and has been held yearly since 1978 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in late August. But, it did not become a Grand Slam tournament immediately.

The US Open was established in 1881 and was first played on grass, although it is now played on acrylic hard courts. Bill Tilden set the record of the US Open titles, having won 16. The record has not been broken to date.

Australian Open  

Australian Open Prize Money AUS $ 75,000,000 ($53,500,000)
Winners AUS $2,875,000 ($2,074,183)
Runner-Up AUS $1,575,000 ($1,136,291)
Semi-Finale AUS $895,000 ($645,702)
Quarter-Finale AUS $538,500 ($388,503)
First Round AUS $103,000 ($74,309)


The Australian Open 2022 edition is one of the most controversial in history. However, it also offers one of the most valuable prize money in tennis history. It is usually the first Grand Slam tournament of the season.

The first Australian Grand Slam was held in 1905 in Melbourne Park, Melbourne. It was played on grass before the hard surface was introduced in 1988. Novak Djokovic is the tournament’s ultimate winner, having won 7 titles.


Wimbledon Prize Money £35,016,000 ($48,240,317)
Winners £1,700,000 ($2,399,520)
Runner-Up £900,000 ($1,270,334)
Semi-Finale £465,000 ($656,339)
Quarter-Finale £300,000 ($423,445)
First Round £48,000 ($67,751)


Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament that only attracts top-rated players in the sport. However, it also opens new horizons for budding professional athletes. The tournament was played on grass since 1877 at Wimbledon stadium in London. It is an early summer tournament that offers massive prizes.

The winners of the 2019 Wimbledon took home a record £2,350,000 when it reached its peak in prize money. Roger Federer holds the most Gentlemen’s Singles titles record, having won 8 titles. On the other hand, Martina Navratilova won the tournament a record-breaking 9 times. Regarding players who don’t make it past the first round, Wimbledon is the most generous. 

French Open (Roland Garros)

Roland Garros Prize Money €34,367,215 ($39,050,607)
Winners €1,400,000 ($1,694,710)
Runner-Up €750,000 ($907,880)
Semi-Finale €375,000 ($453,940)
Quarter-Finale €255,000 ($308,679)
First Round €60,000 ($72,630)


The French Open is usually the second Grand Slam of the season. It offers competitive prizes for the Suzanne-Lenglen cup (women) and La Coupe des Mousquetaires (men). Even though France is the home of Tennis, the Roland Garros esteemed tournament, established in 1891, is not the oldest.

The event was initially known as the French Championships and is usually played at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris in late May. Furthermore, the tournament was named after Roland Gross, an aviator war hero. It is also the single grand slam played on clay.     

If you don’t make it past the first round, the French Open tournament pays the least compared to other grand slam tournaments. Nonetheless, it does not make the tournament less exciting because the prize money is not the sole motivation for players. Most players look forward to the end of the season when they are ranked high enough to be eligible for the ATP World Tour Finals held in London.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Tennis is a very profitable sport. The game’s top 20 winners have taken home over one billion US dollars in cash and gifts. For example, in terms of prize money, Novak Djokovic made the most money ($147.7 million), Roger Federer ($ 130 million), and Rafael Nadal ($123.8 million) are the tennis players that made the most money.