What Are Common Health Benefits Associated With Tennis?


STARNBERG, September 26, 2022 (Guest Post)

I’ve seen people play going to play tennis with their friends day in and day out for years, but what makes tennis a good sport? It’s a lot more than bright white tennis socks and an expensive racquet just like a game of poker on Fair Go Casino online login is a lot more than pretty cards are graphics. This sport is good for maintaining health, agility, fitness, etc. It also provides many psychological and social benefits.

This recreational support is a perfect activity to perform when you are with your friends or spending time outside with your family as this will help you to maintain your fitness, health, agility, and strength.

An hour-long game of tennis would help you to burn almost 600 calories in males whereas it burns 420 calories in females. Besides physical health benefits and fitness, the game provides many mental and social health benefits as well.

Common health benefits

Tennis can prove to be a great workout and leisure activity that can benefit you in many ways. Firstly, it decreases the blood pressure of an individual and resting pulse rate, decreases body fat, enhances reaction times, and increases aerobic capabilities. The individual can also experience great improvement in the metabolic function of the body.

Improving Cardiovascular Health

Aerobic activity is important to improve the health of your heart. Running in court, chasing a ball jumping from a swing might increase the heart rate of an individual in the same way as baseball would. With the increase in heart rate, breathing becomes heavy, and the flow of blood and oxygen increases throughout the body, all these factors improve the cardiovascular system of the body.

The Exercise Improves Quick Weight Loss

Taking part in aerobic exercise is not only beneficial for cardiovascular health but also helps in losing weight. According to research obese men and women who perform exercise five times a week can easily lose weight in ten months, even without making much change in their diet.

Based on the intensity of the tennis game and the weight of the individual, it becomes easy to burn many calories in one hour. When you combine this activity with a healthy diet, it will become easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Enhance Your Range of Movement

The great range of movements in tennis like reaching, and swinging improves the range of movement. The dynamic motion improves joint movement by lubricating them and provides strength to the tendon and muscles of the individual. Before starting the tennis match, a warm-up session is crucial for your health as it will help in reducing the risk of injury and improve your performance.

The normal range of motion in tennis will improve the blood flow to the muscles which you are using on the court, particularly the thoracic spine, knees, and shoulder. Various controlled repetitions that mimic the movement of an individual in the court can help the body to stay active.

Improves Balance of The Body

Having a good balance is very important while playing tennis. It will prevent you from toppling over during the game. With the help of a racquet, you are improving the balance of your body while serving or hitting the ball.

Decreasing The Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the formation of new bones cannot cope with the degradation of old bones. The condition enables the bones to break easily. The risk of this condition is higher in females as compared to males and the chances increase with age.

Some people are of the view that exercise might result in fracture, however, that’s not true. Different exercises can help prevent the condition and are beneficial for weight-bearing joints. When you raise your racquet, working against gravity, the force will help you in dealing with osteoporosis.

Enhance Agility

The tennis game allows the player to easily change direction, enhance acceleration, and improve footwork. The sport helps in agility training as it helps you to move quickly on the court. This agility in tennis would not only improve the speed but will also improve explosiveness, coordination, balance, plus endurance.

The stray pickups to pick up the ball to serve is the best way which can improve footwork and speed and will help you in getting off the line quickly and stopping to change directions. It would help you in improving the explosiveness and ability to go off-ground and will help in developing good hand-eye dexterity.

Increase Exposure to Vitamin D

Getting a good amount of vitamin D exposure is essential for your immune system, reduces the chance of developing cancer, and improves heart health. Many people suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D.

Playing outdoor games would help you in getting the required vitamin D. Research shows that the body receives the required vitamin D at midday, Therefore, playing tennis at midday would help you in receiving the proper amount of vitamin D.

However, midday is also when the sun is strongest. Sun safety is also really important in preventing sunburn or even cancer. So, make sure to wear sunscreen, play in the shade, or not play in the middle of the day on very sunny days.

Improves The Social Interaction

Playing tennis game requires interaction with different people. Social interaction with your fellow player will improve your mental health. Face-to-face interaction would decrease the risk of anxiety, and depression, especially in older people.

The social benefits of tennis games may positively affect the physical health of individuals as well. Researches show interacting with others improves blood pressure, and decreases the chance of heart disease, and various other diseases. Playing on the court with someone you know would make you feel good.

Live Longer

Playing tennis would provide you with many benefits for instance adding years to an individual’s life. People who have a habit of playing tennis for a minimum of three hours a week can live around ten years more than people who are lethargic or have a sedentary lifestyle. The game helps to improve the health conditions of an individual like cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, etc. which helps in improving the quality of life as well.

A 56% decrease in health risks is observed in people who play tennis frequently. The game can also boost fitness, improve stamina to perform daily activities, decreases blood pressure, improves anaerobic and aerobic activities improve metabolism, strengthen muscles and immune system, etc all of which help in improving quality of life and add years to our life.


Whether you are a pro in the game or are a newbie, playing tennis would provide you with various health benefits and will help you to achieve your fitness goals. According to research done by CDC, it is important to spend around 150 minutes of your week performing physical activities.

Just 150 minutes can help the individual stay fit, add years to their life, improve agility and get rid of health problems. Spending 30 minutes of your day playing tennis would be an easy and fun way for you to fill out your weekly fitness requirements!

You don’t even need to go on a crazy diet to remain fit or spend hours in the gym each day, just a small session of playing tennis would provide you with great benefits. It would improve the amount of vitamin D in our body and would decrease the chance of osteoporosis, particularly in women.

The social benefits of the game can also help the individual in getting rid of depression, anxiety, and other mental issues and will improve their energy level. It would help you in remaining active and alert as it improves the connections in your brain.