Favourites Advance To Second Round At Tiburon Challenger

Paul Jubb (photo: Natalie Kim)

TIBURON/STARNBERG, October 5, 2022

Michael Mmoh from the United States defeated Ben Lock from Zimbabwe on Tuesday in his quest to win a second Tiburon Challenger title. Top-seeded US-American Dennis Kudla moved to the second round after his compatriot Brendan Holt retired due to an injury. Paul Jubb of Great Britain, 22, who started tennis on public courts and became 2019 NCAA singles champion at the University of North Carolina, bested Govind Nanda from the United States while Alexis Galarneau of Canada defeated German Sebastian Fanselow.

Doubles competition heats up on Wednesday, and a special free exhibition match featuring Jeff Greenwald and local professionals begins at 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday Results

Singles – First Round
[1] D. Kudla (USA) d B. Holt (USA) 64 21 Retired
[2] S. Kozlov (USA) d [Alt] G. Oradini (ITA) 61 64
[3] M. Mmoh (USA) d [Alt] B. Lock (ZIM) 61 63
[5] E. Couacaud (FRA) d C. Broom (GBR) 63 63
[Q] A. Michelsen (USA) d [6] J. Shang (CHN) 75 46 76(5)
L. Riedi (SUI) d [WC] P. Kypson (USA) 26 64 61
[Q] L. Saville (AUS) d [Q] C. Langmo (USA) 63 64
[WC] S. Riffice (USA) d [Q] E. King (USA) 67(6) 75 61
[Q] N. Chappell (USA) d N. Mejia (COL) 76(4) 36 61
Z. Svajda (USA) d [Q] A. Holmgren (DEN) 46 63 76(5)
P. Jubb (GBR) d G. Nanda (USA) 75 46 63
A. Galarneau (CAN) d S. Fanselow (GER) 75 46 63

Doubles – First Round
[1] J. Cash (GBR) / H. Patten (GBR) d S. Fanselow (GER) / E. Zhu (USA) 61 63
A. Chandrasekar (IND) / N. Prashanth (IND) d [3] M. Jaziri (TUN) / M. Pervolarakis (GRE) 76(5) 75