How To Improve Your Tennis Playing Skills In 4 Steps


STARNBERG, October 26, 2022 (Guest Post)

Tennis is one of the most multifaceted sports in the industry. With keen observation, quick reaction time, and unerring consistency, tennis has every reason for its massive following in the sports industry. Moreover, it’s fairly easy to pick up, making it enjoyable recreationally and professionally.

What makes tennis so satisfying for many players is the distinct progression your skills may have, especially if you do it regularly. However, if it’s been a long time since you last picked up a racket, degradation will also be just as noticeable. Since not all tennis players participate in professional tournaments, they don’t have a coach pushing them to keep playing. But be that as it may, there are ways you can improve your skills on your own.

  • Do Warmups 

Although you might be excited to dive straight back into playing tennis, you must remember that the sport requires your whole body to move. You can’t stay in one place and expect to make any progress on your skills. Staying quick on your feet and moving around the court improves your play even further. But, given how long it’s been since you’ve played, you’re bound to pull a muscle if you suddenly push yourself too hard right away.

That said, do stretches every time you’re about to play, whether for fun or when participating in a professional match. Ensure your entire body is limber at the end. That way, your muscles are all loosened up, making it easier for you to move around the court from one side to the other.

  • Train With Others 

Playing against portable tennis ball machines is an excellent way to get yourself used to the motions repeatedly. To raise the challenge of a game, play with other players Naturally, finding a fellow tennis player won’t be so easy, especially if you don’t know anyone who’s invested in it the same way as you do. Fortunately, clubs or sports centers have players all over the area who meet and share training regimens. 

Explore one near you and join an exclusive tennis club. From there, you can reach out to experienced players for a game. Don’t be afraid to ask them to go all out, even if it’s just for practice. Since you want to improve your skills, getting accustomed to their hits and pace is what you need to stay calm when up against a more formidable opponent. Consider these challenges as a preview of your tennis journey.

  • Find Your Style 

Professional players don’t have perfect playstyles when they step foot on the court and pick up their rackets. For them to get to where they are now, they underwent gruelling training to withstand the demands of playing strenuous back-to-back sets. Throughout their regimen, they discovered a playstyle they’re comfortable at.

Generally, as a sports player, identifying your style must be one of your priorities. Having your own style indicates that you feel most at ease in that setting. After all, players have their weaknesses, even professional ones. Although eliminating those weaknesses is nearly impossible, players have a style because they devise strategies to work around them. Another reason is to maximize the player’s strengths.

Considering it’s the first move you make; your serve placement is a key element for manipulating your opponent’s movements. Depending on your forehand or backhand, the strength behind it will push your opponent to hit it back with the same intensity. The same goes with your return; depending on how you set it up, your opponent is bound to hit your preferred side more, which gives you the upper hand. Hence, it would help if you found where you’re comfortable first. 

  • Steady Yourself

Whether young or old, pacing yourself is a must when honing your skills. Otherwise, you won’t find any progress, regardless of how hard you push yourself. Keep yourself grounded instead of focusing too much on the results. Taking the time to assess yourself helps you pinpoint flaws that are normally overlooked, such as footwork. Moreover, taking breaks is necessary if you want to keep your energy up.


Playing tennis is an excellent way to sharpen your senses and keep your body in great shape. But whether they’ve been out of the court for a while or they’re getting bored with the basics, tennis players want to take one step further and improve their skills. As long as you exert maximum effort in learning how to do it, everything is possible with or without a coach by your side.