Is It Beneficial For You To Play Tennis?


STARNBERG, October 29, 2022 (Guest Post)

Tennis is an energizing sport that is played by a devoted community of fans worldwide, with over 87 million players. While most readers might think of tennis as a rich sport, in reality, it is not. It is an easy sport to get started with and has numerous benefits for those who choose to do so! Besides, it’s about as much of a blast as an intense poker game on Fair Go casino login!

Tennis is for everyone who is keen to play this sport. A player can start learning tennis at any age. Tennis can be challenging to master, but since every person can find an opponent of a similar level or age, you will be able to build yourself up in a fair way and improve in no time! Tennis is an inclusive sport, and people can find plenty of players in their nearest tennis club. These tennis clubs generally include people of all ages and levels.

If your kids want to learn tennis, this is the right time. as soon as your child learns to hold a racquet, you can introduce them to tennis. Though tennis can be learned at any age, the fact cannot be overlooked that tennis learned at a very young age opens doors for ample opportunities. The local tennis and squash courts are always looking for little champions.

Besides, tennis is not an expensive sport. Of course, there are lots of posh private clubs and high-end tennis equipment if you have the funds, but the majority of beginners can start playing for less than $80. The cheapest tennis racket costs you around $ 20 to $30, and the tennis ball ranges from $ 5 to $ 10. For a tennis court, there are many paid ones that charge monthly fees. However, the local parks also have free tennis courts if you don’t want to invest.

History of Tennis:

The roots of outdoor sports can be traced back to ancient Greece. A similar kind of game would be played by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago. According to historians, the game known as “paume” or “jeu de paume” from the 12th century in France is where tennis originated.

Paume involved players striking and volleying a ball back and forth with their hands, similar to handball. Before the introduction of racquets to the sports, players of this game gradually began to wear leather gloves. The purpose of these leather gloves was not only to protect hands from injury but would also to give the best strikes.

The first tennis racquet made its appearance in Italy in 1583, and the sport developed during the course of the 15th and 16th centuries is largely practiced by nobility in France and England.

In Wimbledon, England, the “All England Croquet Club,” which featured indoor tennis matches between members of the upper socioeconomic class, was founded in 1870. The players would play tennis indoors.

The world of tennis changed in 1873. This year, the concept of lawn tennis was introduced. This innovation sped up the popularity of tennis as it is known today. Tennis is considered an outdoor sport, and the players enjoy playing it outside in fresh air, surrounded by an audience that appreciates them.

Health Benefits of Tennis:

Tennis is a sport that is easy to learn and cheap to start. Just like other sports, tennis is wonderful for your health too. Playing tennis is considered a healthy way to pass leisure time, as it increases the heartbeat. It is well known that regular exercise, like playing tennis, has many positive effects on both physical and mental health. Here are a few reasons why learning tennis is such a terrific sport.

Tennis Has a Positive Impact on Your Mood:

Studies suggest that sports like tennis positively impact players’ moods. Tennis promotes the production of endorphins, the hormone associated with happiness, as well as sensitivity to hormones that lessen depressive symptoms, such as norepinephrine.

Tennis Maximizes Your Energy Level:

Playing sports or doing an activity, for instance, tennis, will help you have more energy on average. Even those who experience weariness and other illnesses that make them sluggish can profit from this.

Tennis Helps in Losing Body Weight:

Tennis might assist you in managing your weight. You’ll raise your metabolism and burn more calories, which along with a good diet, can aid in weight loss and muscle preservation.

You Can Sleep Better After Playing Tennis:

If you are facing the condition of insomnia, playing tennis is the best activity you can do for a night of better sleep.

You may simply improve the quality of your sleep by hitting the tennis court for only 30 minutes a day and almost 150 hours a week. Playing tennis not only helps in better sleep but keeps your body protected from many other serious diseases like Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure.

What does it take to start playing tennis?

If you are a beginner, it is advised to start with a relatively cheap tennis racquet and a tennis ball. Besides, if you have never been to a tennis court, you can start to practice at the local park’s tennis court. Cheap tennis racquets are not bad too. They are a good option for learning the game and getting a feel for the game. If you are in the game for a long period, you can buy expensive racquets too.

The tennis racquet strings are important too. The tennis racquet strings come in different gauges and thicknesses. For beginners, the tennis racquets come with pre-strung, and the recommended gauge is 16. You won’t have to purchase an additional set of strings or hire someone to string your racquet in that situation. Multiple factors can decide the nature of the tennis racquet string, but ultimately, the selection of strings is totally your choice.

Up until you reach a level that enables you to start differentiating between the different types of strings, we strongly advise beginning players to continue with cheap synthetic gut tennis strings.

Other Accessories That You Might Need for Playing Tennis:


An overgrip is a fine wrap that is placed over your racquet’s existing grip to increase its lifespan, absorb sweat, and guarantee that you have a firm hold on the handle. Overgrips are typically utilized for a brief period of time before being constantly changed by players.

Replacement grips:

With time, the racquet handle loses its grip, even the new ones. For that purpose, you need replacement grips to keep playing.

Vibration dumper:

If you don’t like the ping sound that occurs when the ball strikes your racquet’s strings, you may quickly fix the problem with a vibration dampener, which is a cheap piece of plastic that fits within your strings.

Tennis and silent etiquette:

Tennis is a sport that comes with silent etiquette. For instance, there is usually one gate to enter different tennis courts. In that case, the players have to wait for their turns. Besides, it is important to accept the calls of the players playing opposite to you with good grace.

Final thoughts!

Tennis is for everyone. People of any age group, skill set, and socioeconomic background can play it. If you plan to learn tennis or if your child shows an interest in playing tennis, this is the right time to start your practice. Only a little investment, a racquet and a tennis ball, and you are ready to hit the nearest tennis court.