The History Of The Casino

Guest Post

Gambling dates back to the Ancient Era. Archeologists have discovered gaming dice which date back to the 1000s B.C.E. China and Greece, and sportsbooks that can be dated back to the Roman Empire and Republic. This means that gambling has been a part of the human experience since the first civilizations were built.

Today, gambling is most closely associated with the casino. Places like Macau, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, etc. are what most people think about when they think about gambling. But where did it all began? What are the first casinos? Where did the casino even come from? In this article, we will look at a brief overview of the long history of the casino.

The Gambling Dens

While gambling has been a part of human history since the inception of it, casinos have not. In fact, there isn’t much evidence to suggest that casinos existed in the Ancient Era, and with the rise of the Christian church, and the middle ages, gambling soon was made illegal. But legality has never been an issue for people, and soon the gambling dens became a mass success in the criminal underground.

The evidence of gambling dens has been found all over the world, including in England, mainland Europe, Asia, and Japan. Criminal-led gambling dens were hugely popular and drew in massive crowds of people wanting to test their luck, and win big. But, just like the casino today is slowly being replaced by safe gambling and sports betting on this website, the Gambling Dens soon were made obsolete, as gambling was made legal, and the casinos started opening their doors.

The First Casino

In 1638, the Il Ridotto Casino opened its doors, becoming the first casino of all time. The name means private room, and the casino was a huge success. The success of Il Ridotto led to the opening of casinos all over Venice, and when travelers got wind of it, they took the idea of a casino with them back home. Soon casinos started popping up all over Europe, replacing the old Gambling Dens.

Today, the oldest casino which is still active is located in Venice, and it is called the Casino di Venezia. The casino was originally a theatre which had gambling wings that guests could attend during intermission. The wings soon grew far more popular than the performances, however, and the facility was restructured to fit the demand of its customers.

Las Vegas

Over 300 years later, in the Golden Age of America, Bugsy Siegel, a famed American mobster and entrepreneur had a vision while visiting the Nevadan desert. He saw a city with lights that would never go out, and a great place where he could branch out into legitimate business. It was from this vision that Las Vegas sprouted.

Today, Las Vegas is the city that is associated with casinos, gambling and night-time debauchery. Las Vegas is one of America’s biggest tourist attractions, with tens of millions of tourists, both American and foreign, visiting the city annually. The giant casinos are stuff of legend, the magic shows are world-renowned, and there is not a gambler in the world who hasn’t visited Las Vegas for the high-stake poker tournaments. It is, without a doubt, the