Travelogue, Balatonalmádi, Hungary

Balatonalmádi is a spa surrounded by scenic hills, having 8,600 inhabitants. It is located in the eastern tip of the northern shore of Lake Balaton. The main road number 71 and the Budaptes-Tapolca railway line cross the settlement situated 120 km away from the capital, 12 km away from the county seaat, Veszprém, so it is easy to reach.


Balatonalmádi Map

The town was established by uniting four settlements. The heart of the town is Almádi, the spa which developed on the hillside full of vineyards at the turn of the 19th to 20th centuries. Vörösberény had undoubtedly existed at around the period of the Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian Basin. It was King Saint Stephen himself, who had donated this settlement to the Monastery of the Greek Orthodox nuns in Veszprém Valley. The donation diploma written in Greek listed 48 hearths and 6 fishermen in contemporary Szárberény and includes the earliest toponyms recorded in Hungarian. Káptalanfüred is a pleasant summer resort among the groves.

Balatonalmádi Tenisz Klub

Balatonalmádi Tenisz Klub

The greatest appeal of the town is Lake Balaton. There is number of lidos meeting all requierements on the shore secotor of about 7 km. The lake provides great opportunities for yachtsmen, surfers and anglers, too.

The Tenisz Klub Balatonalmádi is located inside a park, right next to Wesselényi Beach. The club was founded in 1925 and features six clay courts. The club organizes a number of high-quality competitions every year and hosted a $15,000 ITF Futures event as part of the Hungarian Pro Circuit.

Besides visitors can admire the unique monuments of the town, or they can also hike and make cycling tours in the surrounding hills. Year by year various programmes, high quality restaurants and accommoditation welcome tourists to Balatonalmádi.